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The data on this site does "not" apply to what is commonly called colloidal silver (which is only electro colloidal silver ((and not a true colloid at all, as electro colloidal silver is all toxic ions and not atoms in suspension))). Inferior electro colloidal silver is made via electrolysis (in a pail ((vessel)) of water with a silver rod ((anode)) and sometimes another silver rod acting as a cathode).
None of the data on this site is applicable to unstable silver made this way which is called: electro colloidal silver. Therefore this data does "not" apply to the inferior colloidal silver that is commonly found in all stores and sold under the name and labelled as colloidal silver.

The silver that this site references is a special "COMPOUNDED SILVER" FORMULATION that can only be manufactured in a laboratory environment, and that cannot be made through inferior electro colloidal processes. In addition: On this site there are "actual" Medical Studies done recently by world renowned Medical Laboratories and Scientists on the study of conventional antibiotic resistant disease organisms including a drug-resistant clinical strain of VRE (Vancomycin resistant Entercoccus) that has plagued some hospitals, augmented with material from Research facilities on the cutting edge of Science, and studies of Mild Silver Protein colloidal silver by accredited modern Universities, together with a study done at the NIH (National Institute of Health) by the Scientist Emeritus Dr. William Burgdorfer in whose honour the Lyme disease spirochete Borrellia Burgdorferi was named.

The data on this site does "not" apply to what is commonly called colloidal silver (which is only electro colloidal silver ((and not a true colloid at all, as electro colloidal silver is all toxic ions and not atoms in suspension))): Therefore this data does "not" apply to what is commonly sold under the name and label as colloidal silver.

If it does not state Mild Silver Protein on the principle display panel or anywhere on the label, then this Medical data cannot and does not apply.

This caveat is necessary as electro colloidal silver manufacturers, stores, distributors, and promoters have fraudulently applied the Medical Data that applied to Mild Silver Protein colloidal silver to electro colloidal silver in order to deceive the public and profiteer.

Inferior cheap unstable electro colloidal silver can be made in a non laboratory environment in a vessel of any kind (including a pail or a bathtub) and is made via electrolysis with a silver rod ((anode)) and sometimes another silver rod acting as a cathode). It is all just toxic ions of silver and not atoms.
None of the data on this site is applicable to unstable silver made this way which is called: electro colloidal silver but is commonly sold under the name "colloidal silver".

The Silver that this site references is a special "COMPOUNDED SILVER" FORMULATION of Mild Silver Protein that can only be manufactured by qualified laboratory technicians in an actual Laboratory, utilizing only the highest quality laboratory apparatus and equipment, monitoring devices, and laboratory procedures and standards, in a quality controlled environment, utilizing a code of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices and Guidelines) with quality control double checkoff lists etc., and it "cannot" be formulated through backroom inferior electro colloidal imitation silver processes.

Do not attempt to apply any of the data on this site to the unstable and inferior and weak electro colloidal silver preparations in the marketplace today. Inferior electro colloidal silver generally is sold in strengths of 3 p.p.m. (parts per million) to 20 p.p.m., and the "compounded silver" referenced herein comes in strengths from 30 p.p.m. to 1,500 p.p.m. to 20,000 p.p.m..

There is no similarity between the two products. It is like someone who owns a toy airplane that can only go 3 to 10 miles per hour trying to get you to buy their airplane by quoting the performance of a vehicle which can go 30 to 1,500 to 20,000 miles per hour.

It is like trying to compare a child's toy airplane to the Space Shuttle. But the marketers in the world try to tell people that they have an airplane-but they do not tell you that they only have a toy airplane.

Again: You want Atoms - "not" ions of silver:
Again, always remember that the Mild Silver Protein is composed of silver atoms, but ionic silver preparations are composed of ions. The Mild Silver Protein Formulation is effective for the above reason and many other reasons:
Some of the other reasons are:

  1. Silver ions are highly toxic at high concentrations, while silver atoms are not.
  2. Silver ions do "not" hold their particle size!
    In order to kill bacteria and other microbes, silver particles need to fall within a particular micron size. Mild Silver Protein particles made from silver atoms can be manufactured to the effective range and stabilized to remain in the effective range. With ionic silver the particle size of ionic silver changes. That is why ionic silver precipitates out.
  3. Ionic silver clumps together forming what can only be described as boulders of silver, and then these boulders clump together and some even precipitate out falling to the bottom of the bottle. Some ionic silver producers actually tell you not to use the ionic silver from the bottom of their bottle. Some dealers warn you to return the product if you see particles in the bottom of the solution, while other unscrupulous dealers actually tell you in their associated literature to pour off the solution from the top of the bottle to avoid the sludge at the bottom. This is guaranteed to happen to "all" ionic silver solutions sooner or later, and this is another reason that makes them so dangerous.

With Mild Silver Protein the particles do not clump, and hence do not change particle size, and will not precipitate out. Conversely that is why silver ionic solutions are unstable. Even before they can clump with ionic silver preparations they start losing strength and precipitating out.

Some ionic manufacture try to raise the p.p.m. higher than what is advertised on the label in order to help the situation , but they all start precipitating out from the day of manufacture and some even precipitate out on the day of manufacture; and in some there is "no" silver suspended in the solution right from the day it is made. (See "Medicinal Silver Solution History to see which brands of ionic silver did "not" have "any" silver in them).

That is because most products today that claim to be colloidal silver are actually "not" true colloidal suspensions at all; they are only ionic solutions. That in itself makes them unstable. The silver particles soon settle out. Using a silver product that has settled will be ineffective, and worse than that: "dangerous" having some particles of humongous size.

In contrast, Mild Silver Protein is a true colloidal suspension produced using compounding techniques that result in a stable product. The atoms stay at uniform size and do not come out of suspension.

Remember if you are taking a silver product in order to enhance your health you do not want "ions" of silver. You only want atoms of silver. Only "Atoms" of silver are non toxic to the CD4 and CD8 components of your immune system, which is so important when you take the Mild Silver Protein in the more effective high 500 p.p.m. range.

With any ionic silver in any p.p.m. range- (be it even as low as 3 to 10 p.p.m.), it "is" toxic to the CD4 and CD8 components of your immune system. Mild Silver Protein was used non-toxically for generations before conventional antibiotics, and now ionic silver preparations are crowding out Mild Silver Protein from the shelves and ruining the reputation of silver and the knowledge of the effective completely non-toxic silver.

This data is for "COMPOUNDED SILVER FORMULATIONS ONLY" and does not refer to unstable electro colloidal making and makers.

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