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Vitamin C is a product that is prevalent in many foods and produced by an abundance of chemical companies. The chemical side of Vitamin C is what is basically addressed here. Known by most scientists, but virtually unknown by the public and most doctors is the fact that Vitamin C has two totally and distinctly separate sides, as many products do. The two sides consist of "L"-Ascorbic Acid, which is the (-) side, and D-Ascorbic Acid, which is the (+) side. The L side of Vitamin C is the active side, and is the side which is beneficial to mankind. The D-side of Vitamin C is designated as useless and discarded by the body, as most research shows. People ingesting Vitamin C would only benefit from the "L" side of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is not a stable substance, as some people believe, and the L and D sides are subject to change with moisture an if water is added.

Example: In an orange, the Vitamin C is primarily the L side, and remains so in the surroundings of the orange. However, when the juice has been extracted from the orange for a period of days, the "L" side changes to D and the juice will eventually even off at 50% D and 50% L Vitamin C content. Frozen concentrate orange juice, when thawed and water added, will produce exactly the same action. The exact same action takes place again when Vitamin C is added by manufacturers to juices or drinks.

The assumption the public is under is that the Vitamin C added as a supplement during the manufacture of any liquid is all beneficial, which is a myth. The facts are that adding Vitamin C to drinks may constitute only 50-60% "L", with the remainder being the D side. Although it is believed that the body discards the D side of Vitamin C, further research should be undertaken to confirm this theory, as it may reveal that in some individuals, an abundance of the D side of Vitamin C could conceivably be detrimental to a person's health.


A number of companies produce Vitamin C with varying degrees of purity levels of L-Ascorbic Acid. However, in our research, our company was only able to come up with one producer that manufactures L-Ascorbic Acid at an average consistent 99.9% purity level. In turn, we found only a few companies using the 99.9% L-Ascorbic Acid when producing Vitamin C pills for sale to the public. Additionally, most all of the pill manufacturers add ingredients to the L-Ascorbic Acid with the most prevalent being rose hips, along with other so-called nutrients. In the manufacture of pills, there are a variety of substances added, such as starch, sucrose, talc, povidone, and a battery of other foreign body substances to bind the pills together. We have found that the average make-up of a pill being manufactured today, for anything, is comprised of at least 25% pill fillers which hold the pill together. These pill filler substances are comprised, for the most part, of products and chemicals not normally ingested into the human body as food. These pill fillers are not in the best interest of the recipient, and may very well be detrimental to overall health in the long term. They, in themselves, may cause side effects. As Vitamin C is taken by many people in doses of 1,000 mg per day, they would be ingesting 250 mg of pill fillers, or when taking 10,000 mg per day, ingesting 2,500 mg of pill fillers, on average. Pill filler purities go virtually uncontrolled by our F.D.A.. Pill fillers added to Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) can, and usually do, cause the Ascorbic Acid to break down and "go off". The same instance occurs in a majority of cases when so-called nutrients are added. This further causes side effects and causes a less beneficial effect from the Ascorbic Acid.


Discount houses and mail order firms, as well as the majority of pharmacies, sell Vitamin C under all kinds of names an at very competitive prices. The producers of these pills range from people in their garage producing pills to legitimate companies. Our company purchased, at random, 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablets from three different nationwide discount stores and pharmacies, different brands. We also purchased mail order Vitamin C powder from two different so-called legitimate producers selling powder to the public. We purchased Vitamin C with additives and without. All five samples of Vitamin C proved unstable and "went off" in a relatively short period of time, while effectiveness decreased accordingly. The very worst product purchased came from a large nationwide discount chain and was produced by a laboratory in the western part of the U.S.. This Vitamin C tested had no additives, other than pill fillers at 250 mg per tablet. Our investigation showed the product was pilled in or about January 1991. By June of 1991, the product was proving unstable. By December of 1992, anyone even looking at the product would have thrown it out, but stamped on the label of this unstable Vitamin C was an expiration date of July 1995. L-Ascorbic Acid at 99.9% purity is, in itself, an extremely stable substance subject only to high moisture. In our testing at 99.9% purity, under normal conditions at room temperature, in an unsealed bottle being opened twice daily for 2 1/2 years the product proved to be extremely stable.


In most cases (with very few exceptions), our company has found that the purer the active ingredient is in products, whether it be a pharmaceutical or a vitamin, the more potent and stable the product remains, and thus the more effective the product is. In the few cases where active ingredients, when extracted or synthesized, prove to be unstable at their highest purity levels, our research indicates that when a stabilizing compound is used and kept at IT's highest purity level, the original active ingredient is much more stable than if less pure stabilizing compounds were used. What is being done by the producers of Vitamin C is that the product is so competitive in pricing that many manufacturers cut quality (purity) to produce a cheap, less pure product, without informing the consumer that the product is much less effective, unbeknownst to the consumer. Not only are the general public and doctors unaware of the L and D sides of Vitamin C, as well as reduced effectiveness when added to juices, they are "also" unaware of the effectiveness regarding purity ratio of the L-Ascorbic Acid. Purity levels are not required by the F.D.A. on labels of any food products, vitamins or pharmaceuticals. That, in itself, is detrimental to the public in most instances. The public, and a majority of doctors, do not realize that it takes considerably less L-Ascorbic Acid at 99.9% purity to produce the same effects as a good deal more of the less pure, less stable Vitamin C offered in most markets today. The price of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) at 99.9% purity may be higher; however, when it comes to the effectiveness, it may prove to be cheaper, as the amount ingested is considerably less, as our research revealed.


Our research indicates that Vitamin C should not be pilled. It should be dispensed by the producer at a humidity level not exceeding 40% either into capsules or powder, and sold to the public. To be most effective, the 99.9% L-Ascorbic Acid should be taken once or twice daily from 200 mg to 3,000 mg, mixed or taken with condensed orange juice made with distilled water only. People allergic to orange juice should mix or take it only with distilled water. Our research indicates that if L-Ascorbic Acid is taken in this manner, it is at it's highest potency and most effectiveness, without the majority of side effects attributed to it. For years, D.E.D.I. has researched clinical trials regarding Vitamin C, and has additionally conducted private trials with doctors and scientists using L-Ascorbic Acid at 99.9% purity, taken with concentrated orange juice and distilled water. OUR RESEARCH HAS SHOWN L-ASCORBIC ACID, ADMINISTERED IN VARYING AMOUNTS TO BE EFFECTIVE IN REDUCING RISKS OF CANCER AT AN AVERAGE OF 20% IN MALES AND 20% IN FEMALES, AND IN REDUCING RISKS OF HEART DISEASE BY 40% IN MEN AND 20% IN WOMEN. D.E.D.I.'S RESEARCH ALSO SHOWS EFFECTIVENESS IN DEPRESSION, BRUISING, PALLOR, CATARACTS, COMMON COLD, FLU, INFECTIONS, LETHARGY, STRENGTH, HEALING OF WOUNDS, CHELATION, AS WELL AN NOMINAL LIFE EXTENSION.


Private trials done by doctors and scientists using 99.9% purity L-Ascorbic Acid with distilled water and concentrated orange juice have reported some remarkable preliminary findings regarding chelation. Dosages of 3,000 mg. per day are indicating the removal of aluminum from brain cells. This could be a big discovery in the relationship to Alzheimer's Disease and other neurological disorders. Further research, along with formal trials, should be conducted to confirm our preliminary findings. Also reported was that people scheduled for by-pass surgery due to blockage of arterial walls were treated only by administering body tolerance levels of 99.9% pure L-Ascorbic Acid daily, and 30 mg aspirin daily for eight weeks. The need for by-pass surgery dissipated, as arterial wall blockage was reduced, DRAMATICALLY, in some instances. This points out the already proven clinical trials that show a dramatic decrease in heart diseases attributed to normal use of normal Vitamin C. Again, further research, along with formal trials, should be conducted to confirm our preliminary findings. It is our opinion that producers of Vitamin C should state on their labels the amount of L-Ascorbic Acid in their Vitamin C, along with the purity level of the L-Ascorbic Acid, as it most assuredly makes a substantial difference in the effectiveness. Additionally, it should not be pilled.

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