Ownership of Site

This site has been established and held privately since its inception in 1995 (affidavit attesting to same on file in Law Firm Offices in Canada) to show the scientifically proven power of MSP. In the introduction pages the differences in efficacy and power and non-toxicity of MSP is stated.

Actual tests of electro colloidal silver brands show conclusively that some of these types and brands of electro colloidal silver "do not even have any colloidal silver in them", as it has all precipitated out. Again and again: Actual laboratory tests show the ineffectiveness and instability of electro colloidal silver. Electro colloidal silver does "not" give the results that Mild Silver protein does.

It is in the public interest to show that there are 2 (two) types of silver available in North America (not brands but types) to clarify the misrepresentations of electro colloidal silver makers and manufacturers who have no data that their product is safe and effective.

On the other hand, presentation on this site is the data that proves MSP is safe and effective, and said data can be viewed by all for the common good.

MSP is "not" the same as electro colloidal silver as electro colloidal silver is ions of silver and ions are toxic to the CD4 and CD8 components of the human immune system and introduces toxicity to the body; and worse that that: Ionic silver products have impurities (Bismuth, Copper, Iron, Lead, Palladium, Selenium, Tellurium) in them from the foundry that produces the wire, metal bars or rods. Most silver manufacturers only have purity of silver to 3 nines: 99.9 which can also be written .999.

It is physically impossible for a foundry to produce silver/draw silver wire at the required purity, as the manufacturing processes in the drawing of the wire contaminate the product.

MSP is atoms of silver and safe to imbibe because if you are taking a metal product into your body you must have it pure, and MSP uses the highest quality of silver possible.

Electro colloidal silver precipitates out at the rate of 10 percent every 14 (fourteen) days and besides being impure it therefore is losing strength each day that you have it sitting on a shelf.

MSP is stable and does not precipitate out.

electro colloidal silver generally is made at strengths of only 3 (three) to 10 (ten) p.p.m.; while MSP generally comes in strengths of 50 (fifty) p.p.m. (parts per million) to 20,000 (twenty-thousand) p.p.m..

Silver is an allopathic substance and works in an allopathic manner (the stronger the formulation = the better the result). It does not function well at p.p.m. below 30 p.p.m..

Silver is "not" a homeopathic substance and mechanically never can function as such.

The difference in stability and power is clearly obvious yet the electro colloidal silver makers and manufacturers never show the actual medical scientific data in order to fool the public that their unstable weak solutions can give the same results. They claim the same results but cannot deliver the same results and are perpetrating a fraud on the American people.

You cannot address 650 diseases with a solution under 30 p.p.m.. If you are lucky you may be able to address under 6 diseases, but never the 650 that MSP has addressed.

That is a difference of over 644 diseases, but the electro colloidal makers will never tell you that.

They all claim results based on MSP past data but do not tell you they do not sell you MSP.. That is fraud because that is like saying you have a car that can travel 650 miles per hour when in fact it can only travel 6 miles per hour, and 14 days later because it is an unstable car and is weakening- it can only travel 4 miles per hour, and 1 month later can only travel 2 miles per hour.

Yet they try to sell you a car saying it can travel 650 miles per hour when in reality it can only go 2 miles per hour. That is dishonest and they are therefore dishonest and taking advantage of the publics' lack of access to true silver scientific data.

This site is to show the differences between MSP and electro colloidal silver to clarify the misunderstanding of silver solutions for the common good.

This site is not owned by a Corporation or a Company.

This site is owned by a Canadian who unselfishly wishes to help the public to have access to the true facts and data on MSP.

(Affidavit confirming same supplied to qualified individuals and entities on a need to know basis).


Mr. Leslie J. Pxxxxxxxx.