The initial 1st (first) week dosage in all cases should only be 1/2 (one-half) teaspoon only once (1) a day in the morning as the Mild Silver Protein at 30 ppm. is so effective that if you start the therapeutic dosage of more than 1/2 (one-half) teaspoon per 1 (one) day you may put yourself into bed with a severe herxheimer or Candida reaction from all the dead bacteria piling up waiting to be expelled from your bloodstream.

Thereafter your dosage of Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver "absolutely must" correspond to your body weight for the protocol to be successful as Mild Silver Protein is allopathic-the more you take the better it works and conversely the less you take for your body weight the less it will be able to do for you. Again: The dosage can be more but not less than that required for your body weight for it to work and for this protocol to be successful.

The dosage baseline of 4 (four) teaspoons (20 ml.) morning immediately upon arising 1 (one) hour before breakfast, and 4 (four) teaspoons (20 ml.) evening 2 (two) hours after supper, is based on an average infection for a 120 (one hundred and twenty) pound individual.

The dosage also must be tailored to the severity of the infection, which means you must increase the dosage (after you have adjusted the initial dosage to your weight), if you have had a chronic, severe, or long term infection.

It is crucial that:

Your starting-beginning baseline dosage ("before" you tailor dosage to your symptomatology) must correspond to your body weight. This means the baseline dosage must be increased a minimum of 1 (one) teaspoon (5 ml.) every time you take a dosage, to accommodate every 30 (thirty) pound increment in body weight.

For example: A 210 lb. individual must increase their baseline dosage to 7 (seven) teaspoons = (35 ml.) in the morning and 7 (seven) teaspoons (35 ml.) in the evening.

The following outline is the basic initial dosage reference:

120 lb. man, woman or child = 4 (four) tsps. morning and 4 (four) tsps. evening. 
150 lb.  "     "   "    "   = 5 (five) tsps. morning and 5 (five) tsps. evening. 
180 lb.  "     "   "    "   = 6 (six) tsps. morning and 6 (six) tsps. evening. 
210 lb.  "     "   "    "   = 7 (seven) tsps. morning and 7 (seven) tsps. evening. 

Just to confirm:

A 60 (sixty) lb. child would respectively require a dosage of 2 (two) teaspoons [10 (ten) ml.] in the morning and 2 (two) teaspoons [10 (ten) ml.] in the evening.

Once you have been on Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver 30 ppm. for 1 month (thirty days) at your above respective dosage you then stay at that dosage until you ameliorate all of your symptomatology. If because of the severity or the chronic state of your infection you plateau and have a stubborn symptom that you cannot knock out at this dosage-then increase your dosage by 1 (one) teaspoon additional in the morning and 1 (one) teaspoon additional in the evening for 2 (two) weeks.

This should make a big difference to your recovery. If not yet, increase the dosage "again" by another 1 (one) teaspoon in the morning and 1 (one) teaspoon in the evening for the following two weeks and stay on the respective additional dosage until you do ameliorate that symptom.

The key is that you increase and tailor the dosage to the point whereby you aggressively knock out any remaining symptoms that are attributable and due to the current active Borrelia Burgdorferi infection. You must treat until all "active" symptoms are gone- so you are basically asymptomatic, as this is your main guideline to know how much to, and how long to treat .

N.B. The spirochaetes re-cycle every 30 (thirty) days if there are any remaining in your body. This means that some sensitive individuals will notice a flare up of their symptoms every 30 (thirty) days (almost to the day like clockwork) as long as there are still some spirochaetes present.

Therefore once you have knocked out all of your symptoms, "then" go back to your original baseline dosage per your body weight, until you no longer have the symptom flare up and for 1 (one) more month after you feel you have eradicated the infection.

This final month of treatment is necessary to insure you have killed all the spirochaetes in your body, for if there are any that are still present unbeknownst to you, they will start replicating again and you will have to begin another course of treatment all over again.

Unfortunately Lyme Disease is a very serious insidious gram negative infection caused by the spirochaete Borrelia Burgdorferi of the same gram negative class of infection caused by the spirochaete Treponema Pallidium which is known as Syphilis.

One would not regard an ongoing syphilitic infection lightly and leave it untreated, or would be foolhardy to take it lightly and do so, and the same applies to Borrelia Burgdorferi as it appears to cause a more insidious infection than even the Syphilis spirochaete causes- once it has established itself in an individual.

Failure to treat appropriately till eradicated can have serious consequences. The spirochaetes replication cycle is every 28 days at which time "if" you pay attention to your own body's signals, is when your symptoms would flare monthly.

Once after you have eradicated all your obvious symptomatology, watch for and be sensistive to the day when once a month you experience any type of flare up out of the blue. That will mean that even though you have knocked out the symptomatology -the spirochaetes are still present sequestered somewhere in the body.

Therefore it is not only prudent but mandatory to treat for 1 1/2 (one and one-half) months, [which is 45 (forty-five) days], after you have eradicated your last symptom.

This gives a 15 (fifteen) day buffer zone after waiting to see if the replication cycle has ceased after the infection is cleared, to insure that you have eradicated it.

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