QUESTIONs to and FOR all the Ministers to answer for them not to dodge and ignore


1. ) Click here>    “WHY” will you not use “God’s” CORRECT DAYs?   




You are WORKING on Holy TIME/days,

and worse yet

you are “refusing” to WORSHIP ON HOLY TIME/days, by your using a man’s averaging calendar.


This is IMPORTANT, “because” you are putting the Mark of the Beast on yourself, by your refusing to WORSHIP on/during Holy TIME.


That means little you cannot average them.


E.G. July 4th is an APPOINTED TIME of celebration and of remembering our heritage, and

since July 4th is an “APPOINTED” TIME, therefore you cannot make it July 3rd or July 5th PERIOD-WAKE UP YOU SLEEPERS.


Little “you” can’t change July 4th to July 3rd or to July 5th and


“you” can’t change God’s APPOINTED Time

for a Holy Day


by little you deciding to use an averaging calendar, instead of using the correct date. Period.

Realize little you are not a God that can

appoint a different HOLY TIME!


1. ) Click here>    “WHY” will you not use “God’s” CORRECT DAYs?