Because these formulations of 50 p.p.m.- 5,000 p.p.m. are so effective against yeast infections: One can only start out at the following dosage "if" one has a systemic (full blown/rampant) Yeast infection.

1st day- 2 minims (drops)

2nd day- 4 minims

3rd day- 8 minims

4th day- 16 minims (16 minims = 1 cc (cubic centimetre) Due to the specific gravity and viscosity of this product.

5th day- 2 cc

6th day- 4 cc

7th day- 5 cc (5 cc = 1 tsp ((teaspoon)))

If at anytime during the application of the silver one starts having extreme flu-like symptoms, (which is due to the healing crisis of toxins given off by the dying bacteria (NOT by the silver)-see Attention Practitioners ): The proof is: Give this silver to a healthy person and nothing at all will occur. One must hold at the above dosage and not move onto the next level until the symptomatology ameliorates.
Thereafter: 5000 ppm 4 tsp. q.i.d. till yeast eradicated.

Then: Therapeutic dosage for particular disease.