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Lawrence A. Nowell
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2P 0T3
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As others have observed me in the past month, (and can be additionally substantiated by a past letter I have on file of April 14th 1995, being over twelve days ago before I was asked to supply this testimonial), I will quote from this letter that I sent unsolicited at the time: Joy is the only word that can be used to describe the result that this wonderful product produces in the being of the recipient. I myself personally have been devastated by Lyme Disease for over eleven years now and after less than a week of application of same, my body is responding to this marvellous product better than any other remedy that has been prescribed by the medical community of Canada. These words can be found in my past correspondence. I am not inventing them for the purpose of this present letter.

Two weeks before I started on Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver a friend who was concerned about me came to see me personally to convey his sobering appraisal of my health situation. He said (and I quote): "If you don't do something soon you're going to be dead." This friend had witnessed my slow losing battle against Lyme disease for eleven years. During that time, he could only stand by watching my slow spiral down into the disease. At the time of his visit I was suffering from my sixth bout of a pneumonia infection this winter. I was coughing up blood and it was an extreme effort for me to just get to the door to let him in. I definitely felt that I wouldn't make it through the next winter in 1996 but he said: "You're not going to livelong enough to see the end of this winter if you don't do something right now." I was in denial that I was that sick but as I reflect back on the actual circumstances of the situation I can now see that he knew what he was talking about and that he had come over out of desperate concern for my welfare.

That was when I decided I must take a chance and do something to take the situation in hand or die. I had been aware of Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver through Lyme Information publications but I did not want to take any product that I was unfamiliar with. At this time I had also been made aware of mild silver protein by another friend seeing my debilitated condition sending me more information on the product. This was fortuitous as it tripped the balance in my mind as I knew I couldn't go on taking antibiotics both intravenously and orally for the rest of my life as each subsequent dosage becomes less effective over the years. So I bit the bullet and ordered and took the Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver.

WITHIN ONE HOUR OF TAKING IT I FELT AS IF A FOG WAS LIFTING FROM AROUND MY HEAD. For the first time in eleven years I could think clearly - I could calculate numbers rapidly in my head which I had great difficulty in maintaining concentration to do before. Colours became vivid - I could see deep blues and vibrant reds and rich greens which I hadn't seen for eleven years. My field of vision expanded and I immediately felt more comfortable and secure driving my car. By the second day I could see all the clutter and perceive the haphazard arrangement of articles in my home. What a mess my home was in. Why didn't I see such, or realize such chaos before. I stayed up till 4:30 A.M. that morning just trying to clear some of the physical clutter in my home. My thought processes had cleared within two days.

But THEN THE HERXHEIMER KICKED IN. It was worse than I had ever experienced before, even more than I had experienced on Ceftriaxone. It lasted four days in which I was flat on my back in bed barely able to get out of my bed. On Ceftriaxone the herxheimer only had lasted two days and was not this debilitating. By the sixth day I slowly started to feel a little better again. "It was as if I was slowly climbing out of a barrel", is the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was as if my head was clear and sticking out of the barrel but my body was stuck somewhere down inside the barrel.

Slowly by the seventh day my body started to come out of this barrel. First: I again no longer felt that I was bedridden. Though I was still in bed on the seventh day I felt clearer headed and stronger. My head was definitely out of the barrel. Next the meningitis started to ameliorate, the shooting pains in my spinal column ceased along with the large shoulder muscle pain. My upper body stiffness had also disappeared, but I was still in the barrel as I still had shooting pains down my legs changing from one leg and migrating to the other and then returning to the spine at the small of the back. But the top part of my body now felt like it too was out of the barrel - I was now halfway out of the barrel - that is the way it felt and that is the only way I can describe it. By the eighth day the shooting pains down my legs ceased and by the ninth day the heaviness in my legs disappeared and I was totally back on my feet and out of bed. The nausea had disappeared and I felt like I wanted to get out and do something again with my life. I felt clear-headed and needed to be productive for the first time in eleven years. By the fourteenth day I was feeling so good I was staying up sixteen hours a day while before taking the mild silver protein I was sleeping sixteen hours a day. I was feeling so clear headed it was frightening.

I HAD SO MUCH TO DO, SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON AND SET RIGHT. I still had gnawing lower back pain but I could tolerate that for the first time in ages, and my mind was driving my body on for the first time in ages. I had to be careful not to become manic but there was so much I wanted to do. By the 24th day I had to set a regular bedtime for myself as I found that with my new found energy I could easily stay up past 1 A.M. and I wanted to be sensible with my new found life. As of this writing I feel I am 90% out of the barrel and I never want to be forced back into the barrel of debilitation, disease and despair again. My other symptoms were too numerous and personal to list but suffice to say "before" Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver I could list over thirty debilitating impediments to wellness, and today just after one month's mild protein supplementation I can list the remaining problems on the fingers of one hand. I feel 90% better and no one can take that away from me. I feel so much stronger and focused than I ever did on any commercial antibiotics. I AM 90% RECOVERED, AND intend to keep on the Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver until all my symptomatology disappears which at this pace it most likely will very soon.

The medical community in Canada had told me: "Lawrence: you will have to realize you may never recover from your illness." I had taken antibiotics both intravenously and orally since 1989 constantly with unsatisfactory results, on a slow spiral down into the depths of debilitation and despair resigning myself to the medical community's advice that: "there was nothing more they could do for me and that I would be ill because there was nothing more they could do for me as I had been given all the medically prescribed treatments that were available". They suggested a rehab program and a pain clinic as their only solution both of which failed to address the matter of: What was causing the problem?

I believe Mild Silver Protein Colloidal Silver addresses the problem - at least for me it did and continues to do so as of this writing. This is my testimonial that this wonderful product, re-engineered from the nineteenth century, has reborn hope and new life in me; and I would be a coward not to have the strength and courage to share its regenerative effects with this conference.


Lawrence A. Nowell.

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This testimonial is not intended as a solicitation. It represents the experiences of one individual, and his success with Mild Silver Protein in overcoming a debilitating disease. As a result of his own recovery, Mr. Nowell has undertaken the task of informing others that there is hope for them. An excellent source of unbiased information about silver protein and treatable diseases is
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