Simplified Minimum Treatment Protocol Instructions
Before reading "full" instructions below:
The first winning scenario is:
The minimum dosage that is "necessary" in adults and that works for most common pathogens is:
2 teaspoons of 2000 p.p.m. in the morning upon rising ("after" brushing teeth).
2 teaspoons of 2000 p.p.m. in the night just before sleep ("after" brushing teeth).
This means that you will need 6 bottles for 1 month.
This will enable you to achieve a 8 p.p.m. silver level in your bloodstream.
If you do "not" take" the 2000 p.p.m. at this minimum level of dosage you will "not" be able to eradicate common pathogens because you will "not" have the minimum required 8 p.p.m. concentration in you bloodstream that the 2000 p.p.m. at this dosage is able to achieve.
Second winning scenario:
If you encounter "mutated" pathogens you will have to switch to a 5,000 p.p.m. solution taken every 8 hours at:
1 teaspoon in the morning upon rising ("after" brushing teeth).
1 teaspoon in the afternoon ("after" brushing teeth).
2 teaspoons at night ("after" brushing teeth).
(If you need to go out without having dark silver liquid on your teeth then brush, but it will dissolve after 3 hours on its own and your teeth will then be white without brushing ((You do "not" want to brush right after taking the silver because you then rinse causing the silver to be washed away))).
This is necessary in order to achieve a 20 p.p.m. silver level in your bloodstream.
20 p.p.m. in the "petrie dish" (the bloodstream dilutes the 5,000 p.p.m. down to 20 p.p.m.) is the level that has demonstrated itself to be effective regarding chronic (longterm Eg: Lyme Disease) and/or severe bacterial or viral infections.
(First use the 2000 p.p.m. solution as it is a more economical route to follow).
NB: One must use strengths of "above" 2000 ppm up to 10,000 ppm to address diseases, with certain stronger ppms being necessary for mutated pathogens, E.g.. Flu virii and other diseases such as Lyme Disease. The 5000 ppm at 4 tsp per day is necessary to achieve a 16 ppm level which is necessary for most mutated pathogens today.
If for any reason you are not able to eradicate the pathogens where they are sequestered:
Take 1 teaspoon a day of the 5,000 p.p.m. each morning upon rising to be able to function as an alternative.


Point A: Silver's modality is Allopathic and not Homeopathic. This means that more p.p.m. (parts per million) must be taken to address more serious pathogens. Therefore look on your bottle of silver to see how many p.p.m. are stated on the label. (Some silvers won't even tell you how "little" actual silver there really is). E.G.: VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus) requires a Silver of at least 1,500 (ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED) p.p.m. to just inhibit Enterococcus. A 30 (thirty) p.p.m. or less solution of silver would have virtually no effect on the Enterococcus.

Point B: To address Lyme Disease

One must use at least a 5,000 p.p.m. solution.

Point C: If one suspects Candida (yeast) is present along with the Lyme Disease:

Because these formulations of 50 p.p.m.- 5,000 p.p.m. are so effective against yeast infections: One can only start out at the following dosage "if" one has a systemic (full blown/rampant) Yeast infection.

1st day- 2 minims (drops)

2nd day- 4 minims

3rd day- 8 minims

4th day- 16 minims (16 minims = 1 cc (cubic centimetre) Due to the specific gravity and viscosity of this product.

5th day- 2 cc

6th day- 4 cc

7th day- 5 cc (5 cc = 1 tsp ((teaspoon)))

If at anytime during the application of the silver one starts having extreme flu-like symptoms, (which is due to the healing crisis of toxins given off by the dying bacteria (NOT by the silver)-see Attention Practitioners ): The proof is: Give this silver to a healthy person and nothing at all will occur. One must hold at the above dosage and not move onto the next level until the symptomatology ameliorates.

Thereafter the therapeutic dosage is as follows:


(at 50 p.p.m. - 5,000 p.p.m. usage - specific needs)

Point 1: How much to Take per Day

5 cc (1 teaspoon) per 30 lbs. bodyweight (works best in divided doses, which means during 24 hours, take every 4 to 6 hours).
This means that one divides 30 lbs. into the individuals bodyweight.
A 120 lb. woman would take 120 divided by 30 = Take 4 teaspoons Morning and 4 teaspoons night.
A 180 lb. man would take 180 divided by 30 = Take 6 teaspoons Morning and 6 teaspoons night.
A 30 lb. child would take 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and 1/2 teaspoon at night.

Point 2: How many bottles are required per Month

Using the 2000 p.p.m.:
A 120 lb. individual would take:
2 tsp. (10 cc) every 6 hours = (4 times per day)= 40 cc per day.
2 tsp. (10 cc) 8:00 A.M.
2 tsp. (10 cc) 11:00 A.M.,
2 tsp. (10 cc) 5 P.M., and
2 tsp. (10 cc) 9 P.M. = 40 cc per day.
Over 31 days the 120 lb. woman would take 40 cc x 31= 1240 cc per month. There are 4 oz. fl./118.291 ml. of silver per bottle. Therefore 1240 cc divided by 118.291 ml. (4 oz. fl.) =10 1/2 bottles plus the above mentioned first week if necessary =11 bottles per month.

Using the 5000 p.p.m.:
A 120 lb. individual would take:
1 tsp. (5 cc) every 6 hours = (4 times per day)= 20 cc per day.
1 tsp. (5 cc) 8:00 A.M.
1 tsp. (5 cc) 11:00 A.M.
1 tsp. (5 cc) 5:00 P.M.
1 tsp. (5 cc) 9:00 P.M.
Over 31 days the 120 lb. woman would take 20 cc x 31= 620 cc per month. There are 4 oz. fl./118.291 ml. of silver per bottle. Therefore 620 cc divided by 118.291 ml. (4 oz. fl.) = 5 1/4 bottles plus the above mentioned first week if necessary = 6 bottles per month.

Point 3: When to Take

Take at:
8:00 A.M. in the morning.
11:00 A.M.
5:00 P.M.
9:00 P.M. in the evening.
(Divided doses are better than just one large dosage per day).

Point 4: When To Take re other items

The silver is to be taken 1 hour before food and two hours after.

Point 5: How To Take

It is to be held sublingually (under the tongue) for 1 minute (and up to 5 minutes if time permits), and then any balance of solution is to be swallowed.

Point 6: Take 4 oz. of Citric Juice

If one has Lyme Disease most individuals have CNS (Central Nervous System) involvement. Therefore a Lyme Disease patient must take 4 (four) oz. (ounces) of Orange of Grapefruit juice (any citric product) 20 (twenty) minutes before taking the silver. It may also be "fresh squeezed" or "fresh juiced" orange or grapefruit juice to be perfect, but store bought is generally fine as long as it is a good recognized brand.

Point 7: Hot Bath

Because Borrellia Burgdorferi bacteria (Lyme Disease bacteria) sequester themselves in difficult to penetrate areas of the body: A Lyme Disease patient must take a 40 minute 104 degree Fahrenheit bath 1 (one) minute after taking the silver every night.

Point 8: Absolutely and positively "NO" diet drinks

To promote speedy healing and to avoid toxicity: Absolutely and positively no (NONE whatsoever) "diet drink" and/or "Aspartame" products are allowed. That means no "diet" Pop or "any" sugar "substitutes". It is better to take regular Pop and regular sugar than to take Aspartame (see: No Aspartame).

Point 9: "MUST" drink 8 tall glasses of "Distilled Water" per day

And on the other side of the equation one "absolutely and positively" MUST take 8 (eight) - 8 (eight) oz. glasses of Distilled Water per 24 hour day; Therefore 64 oz. (8 tall glasses) of Distilled Water MUST be taken each day in order to flush out the toxins given off by the dead Lyme bacteria. (and one should always drink that amount as a normal humans daily intake even when not on this protocol as that is the "normal" required daily intake).

Point 10: It "MUST" and can only be "Distilled" Water.

It cannot be mountain stream water as some has road salt in it; It cannot be reverse osmosis water as there is still clumping of particles and/or precipitates and possibly high bacteria counts; It cannot be well water because well water contains too high a level of dissolved minerals; and it definitely cannot be purified water as that term means nothing for our purposes. If it does not state "Distilled" on the label then do not purchase it. If it states: "For Distilled Purposes" on the label then again: do "not" purchase it. It must state simply and clearly: "Distilled Water". And in some States as long as it states "Distilled" on the label = that is what you need.

Point 11: Where to purchase your Distilled Water

You do not have to purchase it at an expensive Pharmacy for $2.00. a gallon. You can purchase it at .99 cents per gallon in most stores.

Point 12: Purchase 4 cases of Distilled Water

Purchase 4 cases of distilled water per Month ($4.00 per case/$16 per month) = mandatory There are 128 ounces in a gallon. Therefore you will be drinking 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) per day and should buy 64 oz. x 31 days= 1984 oz. per month 1984 oz. divided by 128 oz. per gal. = 15.5 gal. per month = 4 cases (4 gallons per case = 16 gallons per month) Therefore purchase 4 (cases) per month definitely while on this protocol Again as long as it states "Distilled Water" - that is what is required.

Point 13: Prayer

30 minutes morning, 10 minutes, 20 minutes night

Point 14: Interaction with other Drugs

From 1995 to date (Jan 2004) there have been no drug interactions with any other drug products being taken.

Point 15: How long to take this Protocol

Until asymptomatic = till you do "not" have any symptomotology of Lyme Spirochetes being present- plus 1 (one) additional month to make certain that you have eradicated all of the Spirochetes so that there are none to ever replicate again.

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